Meditation For Preparation

1 Timothy 5:17-25

March 18, 2018

In this section from 1 Timothy 5 the Apostle Paul again turns to the issue of elders/pastors in the church. Many people in the local church will never be elders. Unfortunately, because of that, many will look at this passage and say, "This is not for me; it's boring stuff." But remember that, in 1 Timothy, Paul is dealing with God’s instructions for the proper functioning of a church.


To understand 1 Timothy 5:17-25, we need to keep in mind the historical situation in Ephesus where Timothy was ministering. Some of the elders had fallen into false teaching and were leading some of the flock astray. Paul wanted to affirm the office and ministry of the leaders who were doing their job well by encouraging the church to continue supporting such men financially (5:17-18); but also to give some guidelines for the correction and, if necessary, the removal of those who were in sin (5:19-25).


It is crucial for the church to put godly men into leadership and to make sure that they remain that way. How can we do everything possible to insure that our church leaders are godly men? And, if and when a church leader does fall into sin, how do we deal with it properly?


These are the questions Paul answers in verses 19-25. Some of the elders in Ephesus had fallen into false teaching and ungodly conduct, which always goes with false doctrine. Paul brings up two crucial safeguards to help keep church leadership godly: First, the proper exercise of church discipline toward sinning elders (5:19-21); and second, the careful selection of elders (5:22-25).


Leadership (Elders/pastors) is extremely important in the local church because of its impact on the health of the church and its mission of advancing the gospel. And for those reasons, all church members should be concerned about Paul’s instructions in 1 Timothy 5:17-25.


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