Core Values

Biblical Saturation
The Word of God gives life and sustains life. We are committed to not only value the Word of God in our speech, but to see the whole counsel of God permeate every aspect of our lives that we may be taught, reproved, corrected, and trained in righteousness in order to be competent in the faith and equipped for every good work.
Covenant Community
As God’s people, we exist in a covenant relationship with Him and with one another. He promises covenant faithfulness to His people, while His people are to worship and obey as they live under His authority. In addition we live in a covenant relationship with one another as we promote love, peace, and unity; edify one another through spiritual gifts; empathize with one another; warn one another of sin; and contend for the faith alongside one another.

Gospel Presence
Individual transformation comes through the Gospel and is the basis of cultural transformation. We are committed to see the proclamation of the Gospel and the fruit of the Gospel take place among all nations. Therefore, we are committed to seeing the Gospel verbally preached among the nations and the fruit of the Gospel flourish in love, peace, and justice.